Leveraging blockchain technology

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Cellular agriculture is revolutionizing the food industry because we can get the same products without harming animals and the environment. In-vitro production also allows us to enhance the nutrients in food.

Outline of paper:

1.0 Cellular agriculture: growing food on Petri dishes is revolutionizing the way we eat

2.0 Cellular and…

I think it’s crazy that the clothing industry accounts for 10% of all GHG. Every year, 150 million trees are cut down for fiber production. From production, creation, and transportation of clothing, the process is detrimental for the environment, and depletes resources. …

In-vitro production and current challenges

Abstract: Cellular agriculture is collecting stem cells and growing these cells in growth mediums and bioreactor tanks to produce meat, dairy, eggs, and more. With ongoing challenges with water scarcity and greenhouse gas emissions, cellular agriculture can enhance the efficiency and ethics of producing meat products. Great strides in this…

At 3:00 P.M. on a lazy Saturday, I went to eat sushi with one of my best friends. We gobbled up our sushi like we always do. It was a pretty normal day. The issue is that every sushi lover is aware that the way we produce fish and other…

I think it is crazy that every year, the world uses 35 billion barrels of oil for energy. We have used 40% of the world’s oil resources. We will run out of oil and gas in the next 50 years and coal in 100 years.

How are we currently using energy?

Global energy is certainly diverse…

Have you ever looked up to the sky and saw the aurora borealis? Or, have you ever seen them in pictures or videos?

I have, and I find them truly captivating.

The beautiful auroras are cast over the North and South pole skies. The lights in the North pole are…

Maya Parthasarathy

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