Meatless Meats

In-vitro production and current challenges

Outline of paper:

1.0 Challenges With Raising Livestock

2.0 Introducing Cellular Agriculture

The first lab-grown poultry
Perfect Day’s microflora derived ice cream
BlueNalue’s cell-based yellow amberjack
The process of cellular agriculture

2.1 Starter Cells

Stem cells

2.2 Myogenesis

Growth media
Collagen microspheres

3.0 Acellular Production

3.1 Dairy Products

3.2 Recombinant DNA

3.3 Milk without cows and cheese without animals

4.0 Beneficial Impacts

4.1 Less greenhouse gas emissions, animal welfare, human health, world hunger

Outlines three main areas where cellular agriculture can have a profound impact: human health, biodiversity, and animal welfare.

World hunger and food security

5.0 Challenges Of In-Vitro Meat

6.0 Conclusion

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